Is Walter the big question mark in Yellowjackets season 2?

Is Walter the big question mark in Yellowjackets season 2? ...

When it comes to Yellowjackets season 2, there is absolutely nothing to be acquainted with — we are officially less than two months away from the premiere! The Showtime drama will return with more mystery, drama, and intrigue, before you mention some of the new faces.

The adult versions of Lottie and Van have already been talked about, so why not shift the focus here just a bit? We know that Elijah Wood will play Walter, one of the show's biggest mysteries, and we also know that he'll be playing a lot with Christina Ricci's character of Misty. What more can we say?

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Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson, and Jonathan Lisco, executive producers previously stated about Wood's casting:

"Our hearts were blown when Elijah agreed to join the Yellowjackets' team." (In some cases, since middle school!) We're extremely proud to report that his extraordinary talent is matched only by his warmth, warmth, and dedication to his work. We're so excited to meet Walter in person.

The main thing we'd say to keep an eye on with this character is how far he may be willing to go for the truth. He may think he has answers on the Yellowjackets' time in the wilderness or on the actions of a certain person in the present. Yet, will anyone believe him? That's the danger in being a citizen detective: you don't have to be prepared for anything.

Walter will most likely be a thorn in someone's side... but who will it be at the end of the day? Perhaps a trailer will reveal something.

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Jessica BunBun wrote this article.