The Boys Season 4 premiere date: A new teaser from Vought

The Boys Season 4 premiere date: A new teaser from Vought ...

Who wants some brand-new content while waiting for more definitive info on The Boys season 4? While we would not refer to what we're about to provide as a preview per se for the upcoming season, it does still have a certain relevance.

If you click on the link here right now, you'll see Vought International's CEO Ashley Barrett giving an update on what's happening behind the scenes at the company. She mentions the "death" of Queen Maeve, the betrayal of Starlight, and a "secret mission" that Black Noir is on overseas.

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When it comes to shaping what follows, all of these predictions are important. Maeve is still alive, but her future on the show is still unclear. Similarly, Vought will eventually hire another person to be Black Noir, and also recruit new members to the Seven. That is where new Supes like Firecracker and Sage will take the lead.

Oh, and did we mention that Ashley is mainly a puppet at this point? Remember that the real person in charge here in the end is none other than Homelander himself.

The Boys is likely to be on hiatus until we get back to the beginning of next year, especially since the new spin-off Gen V has been filming for months and will debut soon. It is nice to get a few sneak peeks into the flagship series this autumn.

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