Peter Rosalita and Archie Williams make up the AGT: All-Stars episode 5 cast

Peter Rosalita and Archie Williams make up the AGT: All-Stars episode 5 cast ...

AGT: All-Stars Episode 5 will be available on Monday Night on NBC. From here, two more will be chosen for the grand finale.

Who will be performing this time around? Think about vocalists, magic acts, a ventriloquist, and other familiar faces from across the globe.

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The following musicians have been confirmed as being a part of the upcoming show (via Gold Derby):

Peter Rosalita - A fantastic young singer that is relatively new to the AGT world; don't be surprised if he receives a Golden Buzzer or goes all the way through!

Talking of the likely Golden Buzzers (it's probably a group thing this time), you have to imagine that they'll be top contenders based on what we've seen from them in the past.

Archie Williams – His first appearance in the United States was a hit, largely due to his vocals and his story after being wrongfully imprisoned for so many years.

Mandy Harvey is a former Golden Buzzer herself, a gifted vocalist who happens to be deaf. She might do well here!

Yumbo Dump is a group of musicians who have performed throughout the world and are well-known for making unique sounds with their stomachs.

Mervant Vera – One of AGT's most unique magicians, owing to his ability to combine magic with hip-hop.

Axel Blake is the most recent winner of Britain's Got Talent, and is also a hilarious comedian.

Tom Ball – This is fascinating. He was part of the same season as Axel in BGT, and ended up finishing third. Is there a chance for a rematch here?

Jasper Cherry – Can another young magician from the world of BGT succeed on this program after Aidan McCann? We're about to discover.

Ana-Maria Mărgean – Another winner has been announced in the Romanian version of the program.

Check out the results from this past episode here.

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