Perdita Weeks is getting a new and fun tease for Magnum PI season 5!

Perdita Weeks is getting a new and fun tease for Magnum PI season 5! ...

We're only three weeks away from NBC's Magnum PI season 5 premiere date! We're here to celebrate every little behind-the-scenes peek we can.

Perdita Weeks gets a new tease from none other than Juliet Higgins for the sake of today's story.

A new photo of Magnum alongside Jay Hernandez on a boat is shown on the actress' official Instagram Stories. (After all, Jay is wearing one of Magnum's traditional Hawaiian shirts.)

Let's just say that the cast is pretty far along at this point in time. Odds are, the cast is currently banking footage for the second half of Magnum PI season 5, previously known as season 6 before NBC switched the designation. These episodes have a premiere date that is yet to be determined, though we personally would be shocked if there was anything further to be revealed over the next few weeks. They might return in the fall or early 2024 in a similar time slot.

We certainly wish for an early renewal and a chance to see the cast and crew enjoy re-telling some more stories if season 5 starts off well. However, we are not prepared for this to come to an end at any point in the near future!

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Do you think the two might have a real romantic relationship? Be sure to mention it in the comments! Stay tuned for more information once you have completed this process. (Photo: NBC.)