Season 4 of The Orville: Hulu's exec discusses his renewed hopes

Season 4 of The Orville: Hulu's exec discusses his renewed hopes ...

At this point, we are very aware that there is a desire for information on Season 4 of The Orville — how can there be? There is so much that we want from this particular cast and crew going forward!

Sadly, the future of the Seth MacFarlane program appears to be still a mystery at the moment: Here's what Craig Erwich, President, ABC Entertainment, Hulu, and Disney Branded Television Streaming Originals had to say recently:

"We don't have anything to say right now."

Erwich does not elaborate very much on whether or not Hulu employees were satisfied with the numbers. We appreciate that he understands and acknowledges the overall quality here, but that only goes so far.

We anticipate that behind the scenes, there will be at least some active discussions going on. We do believe the science-fiction world would be completely lost if it were canceled. However, this is a toss-up due to both the budget and the need to re-sign the cast to new deals. Take a look at how long it took to complete the third season, especially in the midst of the global health crisis.

We just hope that it might be released this year — even if that meant a late 2024/2025 release, it would be worthwhile. Anything would be to enhance this unique and beautiful world.

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