Why did HBO Max cancel Gossip Girl season 3?

Why did HBO Max cancel Gossip Girl season 3? ...

Let's talk about why we're not getting it at this point in the season 2 finale on HBO Max tomorrow. That's more about the streaming service than the show itself.

There are a few different reasons for what happened here with Gossip Girl, beginning with a firm desire for Warner Bros. Discovery to save money. Clearly, they believed that the financial incentives for continuing the revival were worth it, though they renewed Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin for another batch of episodes.

Is it possible that season 2's viewership was so low that any streaming service would have canceled it? Sure, but that speaks to the issue of how streaming services report or don't present information right now. Nobody externally knows the actual ratings, and that opens the way for massive speculation.

We do believe that all doors are still open to some extent, even if Gossip Girl would switch to network or cable TV, and its content would have to be completely altered. Despite its strong language, we would keep an eye on Netflix and Amazon's Prime Video service.

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