Season 1 of Criminal Minds: Evolution: Last Before the Finale

Season 1 of Criminal Minds: Evolution: Last Before the Finale ...

Keep an eye on Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 episode 9 on Paramount+ next week. Or, at least that's the case for the time being. After the series' conclusion the following week, we'll have to see the second season premiere for a long time.

So what can we anticipate from the next chapter of this tale? We already tend to think that Elias Voit is, to the surprise of no one, the center of the narrative.

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David Rossi made the most significant move in the Sicarius case thus far, returning to his house and seeing his wife. That might allow him to get some additional clues before Elias returns; however, it might send him on a rampage or he might end his life for good.

There are still a few other things that we want to get some clarification on before too long. Take, for example, whether or not Will is lying when it comes to how he's really doing. Or, what we're seeing right now with Garcia and Tyler Green, depending on whether or not it's episode 9 or the Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 finale. Make sure to prepare either way; if you're not gasping at the end, has the program actually done its job?

Spencer Reid is set to join the cast of Season 2 in the next season.

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Jessica BunBun contributed to this article.