Season 1 of Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 8: Is Will going to die?

Season 1 of Criminal Minds: Evolution Episode 8: Is Will going to die? ...

Is anyone else spooking out about Will from Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1 episode 8 this week on Paramount+? On one side of the coin, he seems to be doing well and isn't on the verge of dying.

Nevertheless, the more you learn about him about his health and his friendship with JJ, the more subtle clues that his cancer battle may be far worse than it appears.

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Think back to during this episode, when he talked a little bit about how his information was on a web portal and subtly steered JJ away from looking at it. This isn't the first season we've seen this character do his best to either minimize his condition or protect his family from what is happening. Part of that came together when his son discovered that something may be serious wrong with his father. (Never let children do homework for themselves on the internet. It rarely ends well.)

Our biggest concern at this point is that Will may only have a few months to live, and he has decided to ignore it and hide it in the name of his choice. However, we could also imagine that JJ would be a widow having to both raise her kids while still working at the BAU.

Is it possible that we're completely off-base here? Sure, but we'd advise you to keep an eye on everything that is happening over the next few weeks.

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Jessica BunBun wrote this article.