Still nothing? When Calls the Heart's Season 10 Premiere Date

Still nothing? When Calls the Heart's Season 10 Premiere Date ...

When it comes to the Hallmark Channel's season 10 premiere date, are we still in a pretty dismal position? We tend to think so, especially when you look back.

Let's start things off with this: Last year, we learned about the season 9 start date early in the month of January. This year? Nothing. Not only is there no official premiere date yet, but we haven't even heard a whisper as to an approximate date. That suggests that it might be a while out — and by that, we mean a couple of months.

We don't think you should raise any doubts about the Erin Krakow series until May or June. On the other hand, it might not be the case! If you are the folks at Hallmark, it makes sense to go from one series to another in successive weeks. You might also use When Calls the Heart to help other properties.

Any concerns that the network does not care about the program anymore or that it is in some danger are dismissed largely here. On the contrary, we just know that there are other priorities, and the people behind the scenes are doing something different. Season 10 will be ready to air when the network has given a date to it. Right now, the reason for the wait is solely due to their own individual needs.

Have no fear — we will be returning to Hope Valley as soon as we can. When we do, we also anticipate a season as filled with romance and drama as you could ever desire.

More information on a potential season 10 plan is available here.

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