The premiere date for season 7 of Billions is the best-case scenario

The premiere date for season 7 of Billions is the best-case scenario ...

Of course, there is a lot of stuff to get into as we prepare for a future Billions season 7 on Showtime!

What serves as the basis for this piece? It's really about figuring out the best (but also realistic) time for the Showtime drama to return on the air. We'll need to have a certain amount of patience here.

First thing to remember here is that filming hasn't been going on for that long, all things considered — it'll not be ready for months. This is why you can probably exclude both February and March, especially since the network already has some other programming scheduled between You Honor and Yellowjackets.

We're also unsure if Showtime will want to air two top-level programs at the same time, such as Billions and Yellowjackets. This is why we tend not to expect the Paul Giamatti program to air until the Melanie Lynskey one's run.

The ideal-case scenario is that Showtime airs the Billions season 7 premiere in the final weekend of May, the same one that features the Yellowjackets' season finale. We believe that this is the most likely scenario that they'll agree with when the dust settles here.

Realistically, though, we'd advise not to be surprised if the show actually returns in June. We'd still consider that a relative victory, considering that it would represent Showtime moving from one big hit to the next.

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