Season 6 Episode 11 of The Good Doctor: A job in danger?

Season 6 Episode 11 of The Good Doctor: A job in danger? ...

The Good Doctor season 6 episode 11 will be available on ABC on Monday, January 30. Want to know more?

The Good Boy's title refers to the Shaun – Lea narrative, which appears to be unfolding outside of the St. Bonaventure Hospital. This exercise might serve as a model for how they deal with life as parents.

The whole The Good Doctor season 6 episode 11 synopsis is here.

On a journey to their babymoon, Lea and Shaun learn a few lessons about parenting when they rush to help an injured dog. Meanwhile, Dr. Danica Powell secretly performs an operation on a friend that might risk her career on an all-new episode of "The Good Doctor," MONDAY, JAN. 30 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EST) on ABC. (TV-14, V) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres.

Our question for Dr. Powell right now is simple: why do we do this? Well, we tend to imagine that this procedure would be required to be secret, but we're not sure that anyone else would view it the same way after the fact. If something goes wrong with the procedure, we can't even begin to imagine the many unforeseen problems that might arise.

We just hope that the two have a wonderful few weeks next week, given that we have already seen Lea have enough health issues that we do not need to see any more stress!

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