More positive signs? Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date

More positive signs? Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date ...

It goes without saying that we want a Ted Lasso season 3 premiere date — practically everyone in the known universe does! We are talking here about one of the most popular comedies of a generation and one that may be bringing a certain degree of finality to the table coming up. If anything else, season 3 might be the end of the arc originally imagined by Jason Sudeikis.

What's keeping us optimistic that some information will be released in the near future? There are a few reasons to have a little hope, starting with the launch of Shrinking, a new series at Apple TV+. There's a chance that something will be announced in conjunction with it.

If not, let's also remember for a moment that this is the ideal time for a Ted Lasso season 3 announcement, provided that the aim is to release it in late March or early April. Why wouldn't the folks at Apple TV+ want to do something similar now, anyway? We tend to think that the soccer comedy is equally as important to them, if not more, to HBO.

The fact that Ted Lasso was mentioned and acknowledged during the recent TCA Winter Press Tour event is the last significant hint that something significant will be revealed shortly. After all, the streamer neglected to mention shows like The Morning Show and Severance, which will not be returning for a while.

We understand that this has been a long journey — a longer one than most of us anticipated. Yet, you can rest assured that you're coming to an end.

Brett Goldstein speaks out on his final season talk.

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