Season 2 episode 5 of BMF: On the run?

Season 2 episode 5 of BMF: On the run? ...

Is it time to watch BMF season 2 episode 5 on Starz next weekend? It's to the surprise of no one that there's some pretty exciting stuff coming up!

Let's pretend we don't know the true story of BMF — if you sat down with Meech and Terry on this program, you would realize that they were in serious jeopardy. They don't have money, and they're also short on resources, so what should they do? Over the course of "Moment of Truth," let's just say that they might have to rely a bit on their past in order to make their way forward.

The entire season 2 episode 5 synopsis is below, giving you a few more details on the future.

Meech and Terry discover Atlanta's Black Mecca, where they connect with old friends and make new acquaintances in an effort to rebuild their business during the drug drought.

The rebuilding of Meech and Terry is on the way, but it's also not going to be easy, and there may be more difficulties and roadblocks thrown in their way. Their journey through those might be a major part of their lives in the following months.

Due to Super Bowl Weekend, there will be a brief break. On the other side of the coin, you will get a chance to see another new episode on Friday, February 17.

Have you seen any news about a BMF season 3 renewal yet?

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