Season 2 episode 4 of Your Honor spoilers: Michaels challenge

Season 2 episode 4 of Your Honor spoilers: Michaels challenge ...

You'll be able to see Your Honor season 2 episode 4 next week on Showtime — want to know more? This is an episode that will see Michael go through some more tough times, mostly in terms of where he ends up.

Birthday parties are often great, right? Not so much when you're Bryan Cranston's character and you've accomplished some of the things that you've done. You have to devote yourself to Jimmy's big 5-0 while also seeing Gina's father turn up.

Olivia's intention to enlist Michael into the Baxters involves him being invited to Jimmy's 50th birthday celebrations where he sees Gina's gangster father return; Eugene repays Little Mo for his kindness, but his good act threatens to expose corruption.

Although we're certain that this isn't a surprise to anyone out there, things will remain tense for all of these characters for the time being. Olivia isn't exactly concerned about his own interests; she's got her own agenda and sees him as a means to that end. That's why this back-and-forth so interesting.

We'd need to see this pattern of pushing the limits continue... but we should note that there is no mention of another season at this time. We'll have to wait and see if that happens.

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