Kate Walsh discusses her return to Greys Anatomy season 19

Kate Walsh discusses her return to Greys Anatomy season 19 ...

If you weren't aware already, Grey's Anatomy will be returning in late February, and we hope there's a chance to see more Kate Walsh. Why wouldn't we want that?

Let's put it this way: With Ellen Pompeo's departure on the horizon, we believe that the ABC medical drama will require as much nostalgia as it can get from other places. Walsh is on the verge of providing plenty of that and then some! Remember for a moment that Addison was such a major player in the franchise that she got her own show in Private Practice.

Kate seems to be extremely grateful to be back on the show again, especially working with some of the younger stars who are playing the new interns, in a new interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show: Here's what she's said about the topic:

“It’s incredible to be back... but the younger cast of actors, who are the new batch of interns, grew up watching the show. You’re like, ‘Oh, hi!”... It’s funny to be the elder statesman of the show. They’re all amazing actors.”

We can't say whether or not Walsh will ever be a permanent cast member again; we're sure that there are individuals out there who would like Private Practice to be reintroduced to ABC, given the fact that franchises are doing very well right now on broadcast television. They'd be able to appeal to nostalgic consumers while also giving them another solid program on their slate.

Let's just say for the time being that the main event will be returning in less than a month.

Get some more info on the next Grey's Anatomy episode, which will feature Ellen Pompeo as a series regular.

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