Before James Gunn's appointment, Doom Patrol and Titans cancellations were made

Before James Gunn's appointment, Doom Patrol and Titans cancellations were made ...

We know there is a genuine desire for answers following the disappointing cancellations of both Doom Patrol and Titans. After all, how did this happen?

One of the most common defeat reactions that many people have is to blame the thing that is directly in front of them — or, the names that have recently made headlines. Take the example of James Gunn and Peter Safran, who were hired to lead DC Studios and, together, lead the comic-book world in a fresh direction.

So are these two people actually responsible for HBO Max axing Doom Patrol and Titans? No, as Gunn confirmed in a tweet.

We've already made the decision to terminate the series. However, I wish all of the best for the talented group of artists, actors, and the rest of the crew that created both programs.

For a while, the writing on the wall for these programs was clear: with Doom Patrol in particular, the writers planned out a narrative that was a culmination of everything we've ever seen so far. We also recognize that Warner Bros. Discovery is intent on furthering the MCU. That means less offshoots that take place in different worlds, but also ones that are fundamentally different.

We suppose in particular that we should just be grateful these two programs ever existed — we're not sure even would've been approved a decade or so ago! (Take HBO Max out of it for a moment — we really miss the DC Universe streaming service, who really invested a lot into their programming in the short time it was producing shows.)

When will Doom Patrol resume?

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