Apple TV+ is slashing its season 1 episode 3 premiere date

Apple TV+ is slashing its season 1 episode 3 premiere date ...

Do you want to know more about Shrinking Season 1 Episode 3 today on Apple TV+? There's a lot to look forward to when it comes to the show the rest of the way!

With that said, it appears like we'll be waiting a while to see what's next. This particular streaming service isn't in the business of giving you new episodes of any of their programs on a weekly basis. Instead, they've proven time and time again that they prefer to hand over seasons of their shows on a somewhat weekly basis. Episode 3 will be released next week, and we'd expect an installment every seven days now leading up to the finale.

Give Shrinking a try — it has a familiar showrunner in Bill Lawrence (Scrubs, Ted Lasso), as well as a funny comedic portrayal of Jimmy, though the real standout may be Harrison Ford as Paul. This is a completely different role from what you've seen before.

Check out the synopsis for more information on what's coming in Shrinking season 1 episode 3.

Jimmy sees Gaby in a compromising situation. Paul advises Alice on how to deal with her grief while facing the loss of his own.

It's possible that during this episode Paul's layers start to unravel, which would be helpful from the point of understanding why he's so clingy and private as he is. Alice, with him spending time with Alice, the ensemble is starting to be mixed up a bit more. We're grateful.

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