Players in Warzone 2 are calling for a Night Mode in Al Mazrah

Players in Warzone 2 are calling for a Night Mode in Al Mazrah ...

After both Verdansk and Rebirth Island received the after-dark treatment, Warzone 2 players seem to be calling on Activision to include a night version of Al Mazrah.

Al Mazrah's main improvement over Caldera and Verdansk is its lighting. Last but not least, Activision seems to have successfully created a Battle Royale map with good visibility.

Fans are calling for less visibility, as long as it comes with a different, darker interpretation of the latest BR arena.

A new post from EMADALDEN221 on the Warzone subreddit demonstrates what Al Mazrah might be like in a potential night mode.

It's one thing to hope for a nighttime version of Al Mazrah, but another thing entirely to have fun with it.

Most likely, the already camper-heavy map would be filled with mounted rifles with Warzone 2's most broken thermal sight attached. However, if Raven Software were to add MW2's night vision goggles as they appear in the Campaign's opening mission, that might be another story.

Should the Warzone 2 DMZ Get a Night Mode?

Another great night mode is DMZ, Warzone 2's extraction shooter mode.

This game would likely be more appropriate in the dark, since there are less players on the map, and the mode is a more tactical experience overall.

A day/night cycle might be even better, where players are forced to either withdraw within a certain period of time or proceed with caution as the sun goes down. And unlike in Warzone, a DMZ night cycle would be far more equitable for all players, as well as adding some much-needed variety to the mode.

All new Faction Missions will be released very soon in the DMZ, but beware of your existing ranks and loot pool!

Is Night Mode Coming to Warzone 2?

No, so far there has been no word on whether or not Warzone 2 or DMZ will have a night mode.

In October 2023, it's very probable that a night version of the map will be available alongside the inevitable Halloween playlists, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

Season 2 of Warzone 2 will undergo significant changes, but more will come in the future.

Perhaps our new Warzone 2 Resurgence map will get a night version before Al Mazrah does. After all, Rebirth Island received a darker LTM on more than one occasion.