How Many Side Quests Are There in Hogwarts Legacy?

How Many Side Quests Are There in Hogwarts Legacy? ...

Hogwarts Legacy has over 100 side quests, with a total number of missions at around 150.

The remaining third of Hogwarts Legacy quests are main story missions.

According to PC Games' German YouTube channel, the game revealed how many side quests players may expect.

Before you commit to complete every quest off your list, it may seem like a good idea to check every quest off.

In the latest Hogwarts Legacy gameplay reveal, we also got to see some of these side quests in action, where critics finally voiced their opinions about the game.

The optional content in Hogwarts Legacy can be approached in a nonlinear fashion. This means that side quests may be completed in any order and aren't locked behind your progress with the main story.

Regardless of whether or not you complete them in any order, many of the side quests are directly related to the main story and will affect it.

If you don't speak German, you may see the PC Games demo below.

Do Side Quests Affect the Main Story in Hogwarts Legacy?

Yes, side quests will affect certain aspects of Hogwarts Legacy's main narrative, such as how the characters behave around you. This is because side quests sometimes require the player to make choices.

Although these actions will not change anything much, they will make minor adjustments to make the experience more personal to you.

Moira Squier, Hogwarts Legacy's narrative director and advanced game writer, provided this insight directly in an interview with GamesRadar+.

With a simple move, you can always play Hogwarts Legacy early if you can't wait to see how side quests interact with the main narrative.