How Long Does Hogwarts Legacy Take to Beat?

How Long Does Hogwarts Legacy Take to Beat? ...

Recent previews suggest that beating the main story of Hogwarts Legacy will take around 40 hours, with completionists having to spend up to 100 hours to complete the Harry Potter game.

For those who want to dive deep into the Wizarding World, there will be a wide array of side quests and plenty of exploration.

A fan claimed to have an early copy of the Hogwarts Legacy artbook leaked a completion time of 35 hours. Now, hands-on tests demonstrate that developers expect the main story to take a minimum of 40 hours to complete, with much more time to devote to optional side content.

After all, there are probably around 100 side quests for Hogwarts Legacy fans to discover, and around 50 main quests!

Alan Tew, Avalanche Studios' Lead Game Designer, said that despite his extensive knowledge of the game, it took him around 80 hours to complete the Harry Potter book. We anticipate that new players will take longer than that to complete their time in the Wizarding World.

After completion of the game, players may want to play through Hogwarts Legacy in a different house.

According to that same artbook leaker, houses such as Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin will have slightly different main quest experiences. One of the houses will supposedly visit Azkaban, the Wizard prison, during the story's events.

It's quite probable that Azkaban means Dementors, so maybe this is proof that you'll be able to use a Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy.

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