Al Mazrah's entire water is removed as a result of a Warzone 2 bug

Al Mazrah's entire water is removed as a result of a Warzone 2 bug ...

It can be extremely difficult to see people swimming away from gunfire when people do this in Warzone 2. It's also a great way to escape gunfire.

When attempting to shoot at another opponent, the water in Al Mazrah can be a bit dim.

Despite this recently discovered flaw, the player is able to easily kill another operator!

In Warzone 2, water was removed from a river.

“A_W1ld_Gazelle,” a Reddit user, has encountered a strange bug in Warzone 2. This bug has taken away all of the water from the river, allowing him to shoot and kill another player with accuracy.

Despite there being no water to swim in, the enemy killed can be seen performing the swimming action in the video posted on Reddit.

This issue is unknown, but it appears to be a rendering issue. Since the other player is swimming, it would also appear to be this issue in another way.

Perhaps the dead adversary would have escaped if the water had been correctly loaded in. Potentially going on to win the game with their team.

A lot of Warzone 2 issues have recently surfaced. Several of these issues have allowed players to be eliminated quicker than they should be, including this record-breaking Warzone 2 death!

It's interesting to know if the killcam included water, as if it didn't, the people might have assumed the user was a hacker.

This wouldn't be the only instance of gameplay differences for Warzone 2. Smoke Grenades have issues rendering as well.

This tactical will often only work in one direction, making them one of the best pieces of equipment to use in Battle Royale. Of course, there are other benefits to using them as well!

Despite the fact that not every Warzone 2 bug will leave you frustrated with the game, this hilarious bug has encapsulated Harry Potter's whole Warzone world!