How to Romance Every Character in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Romance Every Character in Fire Emblem Engage ...

The latest release, Fire Emblem Engage, has a long history of letting characters connect with one another. Mostly.

Most characters in previous Fire Emblem games can develop friendships with one another. If these connections grow enough, they may even result in wedding bells, although not every character is or will be attracted to every other character in the series (wink wink). Romancing may be further enhanced upon later entries.

Here's a quick and dirty guide to the Fire Emblem Engage's romance system.

How to Engage Fire Emblem Characters

As is typically the case in RPGs, you have to work your way up to romancing NPCs. After all, love at first sight is only a fairy tale.

Before you can romance an NPC in Fire Emblem Engage, you must increase their support rank. Anything next to a character during combat (including, but not limited to, fighting and healing) will increase their support rank. If you see hearts pop up between two characters, you are on the right track.

Alternatively, you can strengthen connections in the Somniel by sparring with an ally or asking whoever is on cooking duty to prepare a dish. Both are random since you never have control over who is in the arena or kitchen, but the latter allows you to strengthen bonds with many others since several of your pals will also participate in the feast.

In any Fire Emblem title, the goal is to get the most out of the experience. Only the protagonist may attain the maximum S-Rank in Fire Emblem Engage. All others may only attain S-Rank before the end of the campaign (specifically Chapter 23).

To get the Pact Ring, remove it from the protagonist's bedside table and give it to any ally who supports A-Rank support (which is denoted by a ring symbol in Fire Emblem Engage). A cutscene will begin, and you will unlock several new abilities when the characters use an Engage Skill together.

Remember that you only receive one ring before you give the Pact Ring to an acquaintance. Choose carefully.

Every Character You Can Romance in the Fire Emblem Engages

The main character in Fire Emblem Engage can romance a large number of their friends, even if they are not of the same gender. This design choice is somewhat more inclusive than previous entries, but it also comes at the expense of other, more significant characters who might be able to experience love blossoming on the battlefield.

The following is a list of people the main character may fall in love with. Note that Engage Emblems are not romantic since they are spirits. Sorry, everyone who wanted to date Marth, but that's how it goes.

Alcryst: Theodore


Amber is a professional jeweler.




Diamant is a Swiss businessman.




Louis is a French writer.



Rosado is a Colombian aristocrat.

Seadall is a well-known businessman.


Zelkov is a Russian explorer.







Goldmary Brinkman is a well-known actress.


Ivy is a beautiful color.

Jade is a gemstone used in jewellery.

Lapis is a Greek goddess who loves to eat fish.



Saphir is a professional footballer.




So who do you want to romance in Fire Emblem Engage, and why? Tell us in the comments.