Start Time and How to Watch the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase

Start Time and How to Watch the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase ...

While 2023 isn't even a month old, Xbox and Bethesda are already scheduled to unveil some of their plans for the upcoming year as part of a special live stream event.

Microsoft announced a special Xbox showcase for the next Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass titles. The timing may be odd given that Microsoft recently laid off over 10,000 employees (including many from Xbox studios such as 343 Studios), but at least this showcase will provide an overview of Microsoft's strategy in the console battles.

The January 2023 Showcase with Xbox and Bethesda is now open.

The Xbox showcase (dubbed the "Developer_Direct") will begin on January 25 at 12 pm PT/3 pm ET. However, Microsoft has one more event on its plate. Immediately following the Developer_Direct, Microsoft will host an ESO Global Reveal Event, so Elder Scrolls Online fans might want to keep going.

How to Watch the Xbox and Bethesda January 2023 Showcase

Virtually every gaming company these days has fullyembraced the streaming future, including Microsoft, so gamers will no longer want to wait for the upcoming showcase to air.

The Xbox news site has provided a handy list of sites that will host the stream. These include the Xbox and Bethesda YouTube channels, the Xbox and Bethesda Twitch channels, Xbox's Facebook page, Steam, and Bilibili.

Before you tune in, here are a few things to keep you updated. All of the Xbox Series X's "performance" modes will be streamed at 1080p and 60 frames per second (equivalent to the Xbox Series X's "performance"), and Microsoft recommends viewing the YouTube rebroadcast stream, which will play at 4K and 60 frames per second. Those with hearing difficulties should also watch the American Sign Language version on the Xbox ASL Twitch channel.

Confirmed Reveals/Announcements for Xbox and Bethesda January 2023 Showcase

Microsoft has promised that the Developer_Direct will include the most recent information about "the greatest titles coming soon to Xbox, PC, and Xbox Game Pass." Given the number of titles it is funding, that preview might include everything from Fable to Starfield. Thankfully, Microsoft has provided a short list of updates and announcements that we can certainly anticipate.

The showcase will include gameplay from Redfall, Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends, and The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as some "news" from the games' respective developers. ZeniMax will also conduct an ESO Global Reveal Event afterwards, which is expected to provide further information on future ESO updates and expansions.

While a surprise announcement or announcement that isn't related to the above games might disrupt the showcase, don't hold your breath. According to Lilly, anyone who expects more than the four games Microsoft has already announced is "setting [them] up for disappointment." On the other hand, Microsoft may not pull a punch out of the park and release a trailer for an unannounced game.