Release Dates for the Dead Space Remake: When Will the Game Be Playable?

Release Dates for the Dead Space Remake: When Will the Game Be Playable? ...

Dead Space is a name that will live on in both fame and infamy. On the one hand, the game is arguably one of the greatest survival horror films ever produced. On the other hand, it is the poster child of how corporate meddling can ruin a franchise or even a studio. Yet EA is prepared to try again with a remake of the original Dead Space that is just around the corner, ready to pounce on unsuspecting gamers.

EA is opting for a worldwide launch schedule since the Dead Space remake is intended for PC and current-gen gaming platforms (nintendo Switch excluded). This will be available only to fans in or east of the Chinese Standard Time region on January 27.

Anyone who pre-ordered the game will be able to download it several days before the release. Gamers who bought the PlayStation 5 or PC versions (available through Steam, Epic Games, and the EA app) will be eligible for a free copy of Dead Space 2.

If you need further information on when Dead Space will be released in your region, please see the official release map below:

The Dead Space remake is a reimagining of a current-gen game, meaning that it will only be available on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. To make up for this lack, the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 versions include two rendering modes: Quality and Performance.

Forspoken’s recommended specs of 24 GB of RAM and 150 GB of free hard drive space will determine how far they can push the Dead Space remake.