Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed The Teen Wolfs Dissect The Movie's Dismal Twists

Tyler Posey and Crystal Reed The Teen Wolfs Dissect The Movie's Dismal Twists ...

This article contains spoilers for Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Teen Wolf is back after a six-year break on MTV. In their place is a brand new feature-length film that has found a new home on Paramount+.

It's not all that's changed in real-time, but for everyone who lives in Beacon Hills, it's been fifteen years since everything that went down in the sixth and final season. It's a process, for sure, but not just for those who are watching back home.

'Where is Scott McCall 15 years later?' says Tyler Posey of his reaction to his most famous performance. "I was like, 'I don't have the chops.'"

Posey says, "It was a difficult situation," but "as soon as they said 'action,' I was like, 'Oh, yeah. I remember this guy so much."

Crystal Reed, who has returned as Allison Argent following an extended absence, admits that it was "extremely difficult" for her. "I found a lot of joy seeing everyone again and experiencing everyone's essence, but it was tough for me."

Crystal had to deal with Scott becoming a Man Wolf, and Tyler had to deal with what's basically a completely different perspective on Allison. For the vast majority of the film's runtime, this new version of the character is actively trying to harm the people she loves.

"I was channeling a completely different energy for her," says Crystal. "Physically, it was very difficult for me. I tried my best, but it was difficult for me to maintain my health."

Reed assures us that "it was so worth it."

'It's really beautiful,' says the shooter, on the basis of his experience. Sometimes the greatest objects require a lot of effort.

The final scene in the film that expresses these mixed emotions the most is Derek Hale's memorial. Everyone gathers to pay their respects in a scene that was profound in more ways.

“It is, to me, necessary for our narrative to have these moments because I have experienced a major death of a loved one. I’m sure many of the fans have. Derek fits right in,” says the host.

“Derek is by far one of the most loved characters,” Tyler adds. “Having to go through that mourning, the fans mourning with us, and grieving and doing it in a manner where we pay homage in a beautiful, delicate manner... It was heartbreaking. I sobbed.”

The most difficult thing to observe in this moment is when Scott stands up and gives a speech in memory of Derek, his deceased friend.

Posey says her little speech rekindled a lot of childhood memories on that matter. It's not triggering. I'd rather accept it and deal and live with it rather than trying to shove it down. I think it's beautiful.

Allison is there to help Scott, and Crystal herself remembers how everyone was there to help Tyler in that moment.

“We were all just watching Tyler, welling up, because we knew that it was close to home.”

After all of that grief and trauma, Scott and Allison are finally together, ready to enjoy the joyful conclusion they've always dreamed of.

“I was psychedelic during that moment,” says Crystal. “Watching it back too, there’s something about the way our characters look at each other that still feels so youthful... It still exists. Maybe that's why people love them together. It's youthful, youthful, and innocent.

Tyler concludes, "True love is youthful." Allison and Scott are number one, always. They're the essence of teenagers. And the fact that we got to do it together again, gives me chills."

Teen Wolf: The Movie is now available to stream on Paramount+ in the United States, and will be available for download on Paramount+ on Friday, January 27 in the United Kingdom.