Luke Kleintank, who plays forrester's Dilemma, says "He will go to any lengths to stay on the Fly Team, but..."

Luke Kleintank, who plays forrester's Dilemma, says "He will go to any lengths to stay on the Fly Te ...

The firing of horns between Special Agent Scott Forrester and muckety-muck Ken Dandridge reaches a stalemate this week, as their methods to solving a case vary greatly. Could Forrester be removed from the Fly Team permanently?

The Fly Team sets off to find a kidnapped American kid in Austria in the episode "Someone She Knew," which airs Tuesday at 9/8c on CBS. As a result, Forrester must choose between following Dandridge (played by Michael Torpey), the ambitious Legal Attaché at the US Embassy in Budapest, and following his own considerable instincts.

"Scott is facing one of the biggest problems that he has dealt with in his career," Luke Kleintank, who has played Scott since Season 1, adds to TVLine. "He is also facing the prospect of a reassignment and the appointment of Dandridge."

Dandridge is certainly a guy with an agenda, according to Kleintank. "Scott is the guy doing his job, and Dandridge is definitely trying to get in the way of climbing the ladder."

The Fly Team's "McKenna is a major doubt."

Special Agent Zoey McKenna (Kelley Missal) has been implicated for the recent time in unable to assist the Fly Team in 100 percent of the time, or without any trust issues. The fact that she was hand-picked by Dandridge himself is only further revealed when someone appears to be snitching On Forrester's every move.

Kleintank adds, "McKenna is a big question mark for Scott and the team." "No one knows whether or not she's good or bad yet. I'm cautiously optimistic."

Forrester is not one to give up on Dandridge's demands, but as the hour draws to a close, the Fly Team veteran realizes he is not up against just one headstrong guy. Far from it. "It doesn't help that Dandridge has connections in Washington, particularly that of very powerful senators..." Kleintank adds.

Will Forrester accept the move he doesn't condone while still allowing Dandridge a victory? Will he not lose without one last encounter, as reported by TVLine's Inside Line column?

"I believe Scott will go to any lengths to remain a member of the Fly Team," says Kleintank. "But if that means his colleagues lose their jobs, he will walk away."

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