Recap of Zach's lips are busy, but who captured his heart?

Recap of Zach's lips are busy, but who captured his heart? ...

After all that kissing, we're back at the mansion for another season of The Bachelor. Zach, the new star, might already require some extra lip balm.

The first episode of Monday's premiere includes a limo of young girls dubbing our new lead man "Zach the Snack," and Sean stops by to give him some advice on how to "marry your best friend." I think it's just us, or are they all Southern?

The Bachelor's schedule has changed significantly since the show's conclusion. Among the ladies, though, are Mercedes, who adopted the same name as him when they first met. (What the hell is a "Bailon"?

Zach enters the mansion after a storm of introductions, saying to the ladies he loves "family, football, and frozen pizzas." "It's getting me excited," he says, laughing. He plays "How many meatballs can you swallow?" with another girl, but he seems more attracted to Greer, who shares his love of Texas.

Madison, a North Dakota native, is a "stage 5 clinger," according to Wedding Crashers. She interrupts another girl's chat and steals more time with Zach, then apologizes, bringing the kiss home in a "smoocher." Luckily, Zach bounces back quickly, sharing (consensual!) smooches with family therapist Charity and "first-out-of-the-limo Jess."

Madison "disrupts" Zach's conversations with Jesse and orders him to distribute a bundle of roses, sending home Lekha, who licked him when she ran out of the limousine, and Holland, who went on a drunken rant about how she deserves so much more. However, Zach admits, "I still love her."

Alright, now is your turn. In our poll, give the season premiere a grade, and then tell us in the comments: Who do you think will ultimately hold Zach's final rose?