Ben Mankiewicz, TCM, and David Zaslav will use that muscle to protect the Classic Film Network

Ben Mankiewicz, TCM, and David Zaslav will use that muscle to protect the Classic Film Network ...

According to TCM host Ben Mankiewicz, David Zaslav's bulldog approach to the bottom line will be put to good use for Turner Classic Movies' future.

Mankiewicz, who has been a long-time fan of the channel, discusses how the acquisition of TCM's parent company Warner Bros. will transform the brand, with a new CEO at the helm.

Mankiewicz told Entertainment Weekly that "we've had a lot of changes in the last five years, one after another." "When [Zaslav] says that they value what we do and that we'll continue doing what we're doing in the near future, I believe him. And he's ready."

"He is connected to this town, and he's willing to use his experience to help this community."

TCM has endured company-wide layoffs and terminated its collaboration with Fathom Events' Big Screen Classics screening series in theaters since the merger.

"He understands what we do," Mankiewicz continued. "He understands what TCM does and why it's important...There's a logical connection between this iconic studio in Hollywood's history and the classic channel to tell that story."

Mankiewicz was the anchor for TCM for the second time in a row in 2003. He has been with TCM for the longest time, compared to his competitors.

"This industry is changing, and there isn't a cable channel in the world that isn't reevaluating how it does business," Mankiewicz said. "But the sky is not falling, and there is a place for TCM." Discussions about how this channel will look in the future should be seen as "Oh, no, what's happening?"

TCM will be the "centerpiece" programming for the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. in 2023, with tributes at the annual TCM Film Festival and on-air clips from hosts highlighting the breadth of Warner Bros.' film history. Earlier, Warner Bros. Discovery streamer HBO Max has quietly removed some 100 movies and television shows from the company's distribution network, with some possibly playing on TCM.

Eddie Muller, Mankiewicz's colleague in film noir programming, said, "People feel helpless because of everything that comes at them on social media, and they assume the worst. But the changes you're going to see are a natural progression."