One fan theory demonstrates that The Menu requires multiple viewings

One fan theory demonstrates that The Menu requires multiple viewings ...

The Menu, a smart, scathing horror comedy released at the tail end of a year that might etch its name in the horror history books, blew our socks off while giving us more than a bite to eat.

Given the many different perspectives director Mark Mylod navigates, it's natural that this film will give you a different experience each time you see it, and the internet has picked it apart time and time again. Despite Mylod's unique approach to his concepts, it appears that he isn't shy about incorporating a motif as old as time into his work, if one user on r/FanTheories is to be believed.

After the original poster remembered an interview with cast member John Leguizamo on the seven deadly sins, they gave it a second look, and selected a vessel for each of the restaurant's staff and patrons, such as food critic Lillian, who only desires to please herself, and Tyler, who savors his pitiful desire to be a part of elite foodie culture.

Chef Slowik's drowning of investment Doug Verrick in the manner of a fallen angel is only bolstered by the fact that all of the patrons and staff, except for Margot and the previously deceased, were burned to death at the end of the film, giving the impression of hell.

It's a safe bet that this is less a fan theory than an observation, but in either case, it only goes to demonstrate that The Menu is always willing to offer a second, third, and fourth course with every viewing.