Is Teen Wolf: The Movie a Space for a Spinoff?

Is Teen Wolf: The Movie a Space for a Spinoff? ...

Paramount Plus has given fans a feature adaptation of the Teen Wolf series eight years after the premiere, which is titled Teen Wolf: The Movie. The film takes us back to Beacon Hills, and we see the McCall pack's story 15 years later. However, the movie's conclusion leaves fans questioning whether there will be other films to follow or a spinoff series.

Jeff Davis, the creator of the original MTV Teen Wolf series, wrote the narrative for the film at last year's San Diego Comic-Con. However, it appears unlikely that we'll get a season seven anytime soon, due to other projects.

The film does leave the story in a good position to continue with a spinoff, despite fans' displeasure with many of the characters' choices in the film. Many are still discussing possibilities for a spinoff and where the show might take place after the movie's conclusion.

Derek Hale, played by Superman and Lois star Tyler Hoechlin, sacrifices himself in order to kill the Nogitsune. His death left a bitter taste in the hearts of many fans, especially because many believed it was a forced way of giving Scott and Allison a happy ending. Derek's son Eli, who was introduced in the film, was also an orphan.

Despite the reaction to the ending, there seems to be an interest in further Teen Wolf content. If we do get a spinoff or additional films, Eli will likely be brought on by Scott and Allison. It's a great opportunity for the franchise to take the story in a different direction.

At this point, we're used to seeing it. It's been done in Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe—an older franchise is rebooted, and the original characters give the reins to a younger cast. It's unlikely that a spinoff will follow the same strategy as before, where older characters are phased out to focus on new faces.