Bella Ramsey's 7 greatest performances to get you through to the next episode of The Last of Us

Bella Ramsey's 7 greatest performances to get you through to the next episode of The Last of Us ...

The Last of Us, starring Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal, was released in a 2013 PlayStation exclusive. She's the perfect replacement for Ashley Johnson's video game career.

Ramsey has an impressive filmography which she acquired as a hobby at the age of four. She attended the Loughborough branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts for seven years before joining the British Television Workshop, a program that trains young actors. Her first credited role wasn't until 2016, when she played Lyanna Mormont in HBO's Game of Thrones.

Judy — Lorna Luft

Renée Zellweger plays Judy Garland, who rose to fame in The Wizard of Oz, in a biographical drama based on the actress's life and career. She also stars as Rosalyn Wilder, Mickey Deans, Sidney Luft, and Michael Gambon in the play End of the Rainbow, which was written by Rupert Goold. She does a decent job of portraying Lorna Luft for an audience that might have never heard her name before.

Elsbeth is the resistance.

Resistance, a 2020 biographical drama starring Zombieland's Jesse Eisenberg, is a French actor and mime artist who is credited with "Bip the Clown" during his childhood. During World War II, Marceau, who was of Jewish descent, lived in secrecy and worked with the French Resistance during many of the war years. Elsbeth is the daughter of Édgar Ramrez's Sigmund and Klára Issov

Elsbeth doesn't appear again beyond the dramatic and horrific opening scene that sets the tone, but Bella's perceived innocence is so convincing that it's even more devastating when she's been orphaned by German forces. Félix Moati, Géza Röhrig, Karl Markovics, Vica Kerekes, and Ed Harris co-star alongside Eisenberg.

Hilda and the Mountain King — Hilda

Hilda and the Mountain King, a hidden gem, was released on Netflix in December 2021. Ramsey plays Hilda, the titular Hilda, on a quest to become human again and save Trolberg from her own ruin.

Hilda and the Mountain King won Outstanding Main Titles and Graphics at the 2022 Children's and Family Emmy Awards, which is also why the story is so enjoyable.

Lady Catherine is the name of a birdy.

In the 2022 medieval comedy film, Catherine Called Birdy, Ramsey plays Lady Catherine. He sees his daughter as an opportunity to escape financial ruin by marrying her off to a wealthy man in exchange for money and land. Birdy, however, has other ambitions; she wants to join the battles and be a warrior.

Catherine's appointment was a critical turning point in Ramsey's career, going far beyond what she had imagined on Game of Thrones. But Ramsey is the real gift from the gods in this one.

Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones

Ramsey's most timeless performances can't be compared to her first-ever credited role in the War of the Five Kings. She appears in seasons six, seven, and eight. She was first introduced in "The Broken Man," then "The Last of the Starks," when only her corpse is visible.

Ramsey had a brief run as Lady Mormont, 13, who was crushed in the fist of a wight giant in "The Long Night." She was resurrected by the Night King, but Lyanna is then killed for good in the Battle of Winterfell.

Ramsey left an impact on the character and the fanbase, who quickly connects with her following the character's unexpected death. Even after Game of Thrones ended, Lyanna Mormont's name was still being tossed around.

Mildred Hubble, the Worst Witch

The Worst Witch, which was previously adapted by Jill Murphy's 1974 novel series, was given a makeover in 2017. She plays Mildred Hubble, an unconventional witch who studies at Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches. She befriends Maud Spellbody, played by Meibh Campbell, who helps her get accepted to Miss Cackle's Academy. There she must learn the art of witchcraft in order to save the school from being destroyed by an embittered Agatha Ca

Ramsey able to do her own thing in this role, thereby enthusing and enticing all who saw her perform. The fourth—and probably last—season of the British Academy Children's Awards aired in October 2020.

Jane Grey's Becoming Elizabeth

Ramsey is well-known for playing Ellie in Starz' historical series Becoming Elizabeth, which saw her portray a young lady Jane Grey who was Queen of England for only nine days. She was sentenced to the throne of England and Ireland from July 10 to July 19, 1553.

Becoming Elizabeth ran for eight seasons from June to August 2022, played by Alicia von Rittberg. Ramsey co-starred with Romola Garai, who gives a gripping and realistic portrayal of Jane Grey, who we're only aware of through literature.