A seasoned 1997 expert offers 11 game-winning GoldenEye 007 multiplayer recommendations

A seasoned 1997 expert offers 11 game-winning GoldenEye 007 multiplayer recommendations ...

GoldenEye 007 is back for the first time since 1997, and it was the start of a new Nintendo 64 first-person shooter genre that flourished in the 1990s, allowing the genre to progress beyond just shooting bad guys into realistic environments and demanding missions. For decades, the game has remained a Nintendo 64 exclusive, owing to Nintendo, Rare, MGM, and Eon Productions' joint efforts in the game's development.

GoldenEye 007 is now available on Xbox Game Pass and Switch, with split-screen gaming on both consoles and online play for Switch.

In the late 1990s, I enjoyed playing GoldenEye 007 multiplayer extensively, and I can't wait to get back into it. So, as a seasoned veteran and a time winner of a '90s mall tournament (they can never take my poorly painted golden gun trophy away), here are my top tips to get you a "Most Deadly" rating rather than sulking off with the shame of an embarrassing "Mostly Harmless."

Prioritize body armor.

GoldenEye's health does not regenerate, and there are no picks to restore it, making body armor the only way to maintain a kill streak without dying. These are stored away in every multiplayer map, and picking one up doubles your health bar, giving you an advantage over everyone else.

This also means that any areas with body armor will inevitably see players go that direction, giving you the chance to anticipate their next move or even booby-trap it with a proximity mine.

If you're particularly sneaky, simply pick up the armor, wait for it to re-spawn, and then damage it somewhat without damaging it. This makes it both impossible to collect and impossible to re-spawn, though you'll likely be hit with a controller.

Watch your opponents' screens.

GoldenEye is a fairly straightforward game, but we think it's all part of it. Even in the new online multiplayer mode, you may see all four corners of the screen at the same time while playing effectively on yours. Observe where other players are, what weapons they have, and how much health they have left over.

This is arguably dishonorable, though as every player may do it, there is a level playing field. Plus, even if they deny it, your opponents are certainly doing it.

Memorize spawn points.

GoldenEye's spawn points aren't randomized, meaning that you may kill a player, find out where they'll spawn next, and deploy your high-powered rifle to take them out quickly. This will allow you to win at all costs.

Even if you aren't dishonorably destroying them before they have a chance to fight back, knowing where your opponent will be once they re-spawn can help you anticipate where they'll go next and how to remove them from their precious body armor.

Understanding auto-aim

GoldenEye has a fairly powerful auto-aim capability built into its multiplayer. If you're in a large open area (like the first floor of 'Temple,' you're likely to receive a hit from a very long range.

Another limitation is that the auto-aim function cannot be used against unarmed players. If you're fleeing rather than fighting, you may be able to exploit this feature to your advantage — simply switch to your karate chop and your pursuer will have a much more difficult time following you.

Ensure that your teammates are not hit in team multiplayer, and watch out for friendly fire.

Explosion of remote mines in an offensive manner

Remote mines are used mostly to build ambushes and traps, though an undocumented feature can make them a surprising effective weapon. Simply press A and X on an Xbox controller or Y and B on a Switch to blow them up in midair.

Just don't press it too soon, or you'll ruin your self.

Prioritize and avoid weapons.

GoldenEye provided an impressive weapons selection at the time, but not all are created equal. On the setup menu, you can select your basic load out, but whatever you choose there are some weapons that stand out: for pistols we'd go with the DD44 Dostovei, which offers good stopping power (as well as sounding very cool), and for rifles we'd pick a Phantom, and in 'Power Weapons,' there's no substitute for the enormous magazine and deadly damage.

The other problem with junk weapons is that they should only be used as a last resort. Most famously, the Klobb is about as effective as simply launching bullets at your foe.

The finest maps

Although the GoldenEye multiplayer is fantastic, not all levels are fantastic. 'Facility' is one of the best maps in the game, with its wide open spaces that allow you to dodge unwary opponents. 'Temple' is another game that I enjoy, as its wide open spaces allow you to dodge long-range attacks.

I despise playing in 'Caves,' as seeing what's going on in that muddy low-resolution textured mess is just plain awful. Stack, which combines the 'Library' and 'Basement' maps into one, is equally inadequate for four-player combat. Encounters can be brief and long, and the split nature of the level means two players camping body armors and refusing to bend.


GoldenEye multiplayer isn't just a deathmatch to a timer or a set amount of kills, it's six distinct twists on the formula. The best has to be 'License to Kill,' where every hit is fatal, combined with a confined level, and you have a recipe for fast-paced and brutal action that rewards reflexes, timing, and knowledge of the maps.

'You Only Live Twice' is a game where each player has only two lives before they are eliminated from the game and the Team Death match. It's a great motivation boost for those who are particularly confident in their abilities.

'The Living Daylights' flag tag mode, or 'The Man With the Golden Gun,' has never been a joy to me, primarily because the Golden Gun is difficult to use.

The radar can be deactivated.

The goldeneyeye multiplayer has a radar for each player in the top corner that is helpful for novices, although I advise turning it off. You'll need to complete the 'Frigate' single-player level on Secret Agent difficulty in under 4 minutes and 30 seconds, which isn't particularly difficult due to the button code.

The radar isn't particularly useful and consumes valuable screen real-estate, but it's easy enough to monitor players by looking at their screens.

Explosions and shooting through doors

The Cougar Magnum and the Silver PP7 can both shoot through doors, making it possible for you to score a kill without ever being in danger of being hit by an opponent in 'License to Kill' mode (especially on 'Facility'). If you have the pistol, then fire off a few shots and you'll be lucky.

Explosions, on the other hand, don't care about the environment around them. You can stun an opponent with an explosion through a wall or door. If they're stuck in a small room, throw a mine on the outside of the door and wait for your death.

Don't play as Oddjob.

What are you, a scrubbing?

Oddjob is generally considered a cheater's character due to his small stature, which makes him more difficult to hit. If you pick him, expect every other player to mercilessly chase down your bowler-hatted ass. On the other hand, pick Jaws, who has a moderate height, as he has somewhat quicker movement than other characters.

For this tips session, we're sure you'll have a great time, whether you're going online on the Switch or gathering four friends around for a split-screen multiplayer. Maybe players born after 2000 may find this game boring, uninteresting, and uncomplicated compared to titans like Call of Duty and Fortnite, but GoldenEye has got it there.

GoldenEye is now available on Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass.