Emma Myers' films and television series are a collection of works by Emma Myers

Emma Myers' films and television series are a collection of works by Emma Myers ...

Enid Sinclair is a rainbow of light and joy among the gloom and doom in Wednesday's hit Netflix show. Played by 20-year-old Emma Myers, the character of Enid goes through almost as much as Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega), but always does it with a smile and a razor-sharp sense of humor.

Myers has been acting since 2010, but her breakout role as the funny, bubbly werewolf who couldn't fang-out was her most well-known role. Wednesday's new best friend helped her to snag a wolf-shaped spot in everyone's hearts. Now, viewers are curious to know where else they may catch her performances.

What has Emma Myers been up to?

Myers has appeared in a slew of roles over her more than ten years on the big screen. Wednesday is by far her most famous role, but you may get your Myers fix from many older, lesser-known roles.

Letters to God

Myers made her acting debut in the April 2010 faith-based documentary Letters to God. The film is about an 8-year-old cancer patient who began writing letters to God, which are later discovered by his mail carrier. The letters inspire the mail carrier, who is battling alcoholism, to seek God.

The Glades

Myers made her first televised appearance in the A&E drama The Glades, in season one of season five, the fifth episode of "The Girlfriend Experience."


Crooked is a short film about a girl who is obsessed with perfect teeth. It has been displayed in dental clinics across the United States and is part of the 2011 American Dental Association Catalog. Myers is named "gym girl" in the 2010 project by Todd Thompson.

The Baker and the Beauty

Myers returned to the small screen in the pilot episode of romantic comedy drama The Baker and the Beauty, about an average guy who works at his family's bakery in Miami. His world is turned upside down as he meets the world's most famous supermodel and embarks on a terrifying romantic romance.

The short-lived series is inspired by a popular Israeli TV series called Beauty and the Baker. Myers plays Stephanie, a young girl interested in Natalie, one of the main characters who is attempting to reconcile with her parents in the pilot episode of the American program.


Myers Spears stars as Mavis Nebick, a girl who was born after 30 years of no recorded live births or deaths in the world. Seen as a miracle, some strange people show up at her family farm to take her in, but she refuses to accept her. The award-winning short film is heartbreaking and Myers Spears stands out among the cast.

Dead of Night

During season two of the zombie TV series Dead of Night, Myers appeared as the girl from Magnolia. The award-winning series was filmed on Snapchat, and follows a teenage girl who is struggling to survive a zombie catastrophe.

A Taste of Christmas

Myers played BeeBee Jordan in the Hallmark Christmas film A Taste of Christmas, which ended her busy 2020.

A girl in the basement

Myer's character Marie suffers from an asthma attack and her mother pleads with her abusive father to take her to the hospital.

Wednesday is the first day of the week.

Since Wednesday's premiere in November 2022, Myers and the whole cast of the show have been a hit on Netflix. It set a new record for the most watched series on Netflix in its first week, even outing Stranger Things.

Enid Sinclair, Wednesday's favorite roommate at Nevermore Academy, is at the top of the fan-favorite list. That isn't stopping some fans from wishing that Wednesday and Enid will date in the newly announced second season.

The character of Enid grows dramatically over the first season, going from a werewolf pup who can't help but threaten people with her well-manicured claws to a protective waswolf who saves the Nevermore Academy students from Hyde. Myers told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that she'll take Werewolf Boot Camp on Wednesday.

Enid's contribution to Wednesday's journey through the first season is unmissable, and let's not forget the everlasting connection she established with Thing. How she could translate whatever he was entrusting to her is unimaginable, and the actress' ability to keep a straight face throughout those scenes deserves a round of applause.

In the near future, there will be changes to the landscape.

Myers is expected to return for the next season of Wednesday in the fall of 2024.

The actress would be a fantastic fit for any major franchise with a bright future ahead of her. Some people are hoping she will join Tom Holland's Spider-Gwen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Gwen Stacy and Spider Gwen. She certainly looks the part in fan art that's trending on social media, so anything is possible.