Secret attachment stats that change the meta in Warzone 2 have been revealed by a Warzone 2 expert

Secret attachment stats that change the meta in Warzone 2 have been revealed by a Warzone 2 expert ...

WhosImmortal, a CoD expert, has dug a bit deeper to uncover hidden advantages and cons that might completely transform how meta loadouts look in the future.

From long-range LMGs like the RPK to close-range monsters like the Fennec 45, Warzone 2 has plenty of guns to choose from. This is critical to securing victory, particularly since earning your loadout will become much easier after the Season 2 update.

Each weapon comes with a whole variety of attachments that can dramatically alter how it feels and plays, allowing you to customize it to your liking.

WhosImmortal, a CoD expert, has discovered that many of the game's attachments have hidden stats that aren't revealed when equipping them.

In his January 29 video, the YouTuber presented a breakdown of the Warzone 2 Muzzles, revealing that although many of the options claimed to have similar benefits to one another, hidden advantages and cons make them completely different.

Secret Warzone 2 attachment statistics have been revealed.

He started with the Kastovia DX90 and Zulu-60, which are both supposed to improve recoil control and bullet velocity when viewed in the Gunsmith. However, by using, he discovered that the Zulu improved damage range as well, even though it's supposed to reduce it.

The Zulu-60 also offered a significantly higher bullet velocity than the Kastovia DX90, so the latter is clearly the superior choice, even though they appear to be nearly identical on first glance.

"It's interesting to notice that those stats are ineffective in-game, and you wouldn't have known that if we didn't have these raw datamined stats," WhosImmortal said.

When viewed on, many other Muzzles displayed quite different stats. The ZLR Talon offers a hidden recoil control that isn't found in the Gunsmith, while the Polarfire-S offers no recoil benefits despite claims to improve smoothness.

The Echoline GS-X is also significantly weaker than expected, providing none of the pros recoil benefits listed in the pros section while still causing damage to the damage range.

The discovery of these hidden stats seems to be transforming the meta builds for popular weapons. For example, WhosImmortal suggested avoiding the Harbinger D20 in favor of the Zulu-60 on the TAQ-56.

"You can't always trust what's displayed in-game," the YouTuber continued. "The fact that these pros and cons are inaccurate is a pretty big deal."

When it comes to attachments, Warzone 2 players who are serious about obtaining the ideal meta loadout for their weapon should consult a more in-depth stats website like

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