Apex Legends is superior to Warzone 2 for one major reason, according to Dr Disrespect

Apex Legends is superior to Warzone 2 for one major reason, according to Dr Disrespect ...

Hershal 'Dr Disrespect' Beahm, a popular Warzone 2 streamer, has revealed one key characteristic that he believes makes Apex Legends superior to the Call of Duty title.

With the release of the Season 2 update, Warzone 2 is expected to undergo a wide array of changes, including the return of the 1v1 Gulags from the first Warzone and some significant looting changes.

Dr Disrespect, a top streamer, remains sceptical despite these changes, claiming that Season 2 would not be sufficient to save Warzone 2. Now, he's clarified why he believes Apex Legends is a better game.

During a stream, he became so irritated with Warzone 2 that he rage-quit two different matches. He then described Warzone 2 as "boring," before stating that he wants the games he plays to be "improvement with a noticeable skill gap."

Dr Disrespect cited Apex Legends as an example of how to get everything right. These include sliding, wall jumping, and recovering banners.

"You could feel intelligent design behind the game," he said.

Dr Disrepect claimed that Warzone 2 does not give him the same sense of accomplishment. He said: "How do you improve in Warzone 2? Do you slow down or do you jump into 1v4s and try to wipe them out every time?"

Dr Disrespect has not compared Warzone 2 to Respawn Entertainment's battle royale title for the first time, having previously stated that Apex Legends is the toughest shooter he's ever played.

Throughout this stream, he complained about various aspects of Warzone 2 that he had previously addressed, including enemies using several Self Revives to stay alive. It remains to be seen whether Season 2 will change his mind.

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