A player in Warzone 2 reveals a 1000 IQ Gas Mask technique that guarantees victories

A player in Warzone 2 reveals a 1000 IQ Gas Mask technique that guarantees victories ...

Players in Warzone have always used methods to stay in the gas for as long as possible, but with Warzone 2's Backpack system, you may use a "1000 IQ" Gas Mask technique to stay alive for a ridiculous amount of time, guaranteeing a win.

Backpacking has made playing in the gas easier than it was in the original game. Players used to carry Munition Boxes and Stims in the gas with Restock equipped, now they just need to collect a ton of Self Revives.

There is a "1000 IQ" Warzone 2 strategy that isn't just about using Self Revives, and you can use it to survive inside the gas for an incredible amount of time — making winning games in the final zone a breeze.

Gas Masks that are inside another player's Backpack will not withstand damage or degradation while they're in the gas, according to TikToker creator drewd0g. You may "move from body to body" by picking up Gas Masks that are 100% health.

drewd0g was left in a 1v1 match against another player who was in the air with a helicopter, most likely equipped with a Gas Mask and a ton of Self Revives to hide in the gas and survive until the explosion. After failing to remove the helicopter, the two players ran into the gas to loot enemy bodies.

Along the way, they acquired Self Revives, Gas Masks that were in good health, and even a Revive Pistol. They remained alive for well over a minute without even being downed, and they still had at least five Self Revives and the pistol left to use when the other player died.

Well-prepared Warzone 2 players may leave a trail of Gas Masks in fallen players' backpacks, collecting them all until the ring of gas closes. Combined with a bag full of Self Revives, you're guaranteeing yourself a victory.

This feature will no longer function until the Season 2 update on February 15th, as the Backpack looting system will be completely removed from battle royale. Players' loot will spill out onto the floor again, meaning all Gas Masks will degrade as soon as they touch the gas.

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