Players can re-enlist the Jailers minigun in Warzone 2 Gulag glitch

Players can re-enlist the Jailers minigun in Warzone 2 Gulag glitch ...

The Gulag in Warzone 2 is a dangerous foe that can wreak havoc on a difficult 2v2 encounter, but defeating them can reward players with a free minigun.

When making Gulag match 2v2 situations, Warzone 2 threw a huge punch in the works, which came as a surprise to many and significantly altered the gameplay from the original Warzone.

After much thought, the developers have decided to return Warzone 2's format to its original 1v1 setting. One of this Gulag's biggest differences was the presence of the Jailer – an AI entity who would sometimes enter the battlefield if players took too long.

The Jailer, which is a juggernaut, would wield a minigun and make life for the working players miserable. However, if the remaining players agreed to join forces to take out the Jailer, everyone would be able to return for free.

It appears to be that this has never happened before, but one Warzone 2 player recently discovered that if this does happen, you may be able to steal the fallen Jailer's minigun.

MRichards18, a Reddit user, posted a video of their friend picking up a minigun at the start of their Gulag match. The player made the most of the enormous amount of ammunition to easily decimate an opponent and effortlessly kill a new Jailer.

They were then re-installed into the game, and you could clearly see that they had a minigun as their secondary weapon alongside a Basilisk Pistol. It's not 100% clear if the developers intended this to be the case, or if this is a strange glitch.

A top comment on the post made an interesting point: “If they were to keep the 2v2, this would likely be a great incentive to defeat the Jailer.”

The 2v2 Gulag, as previously mentioned, will be nixed by the Warzone 2 Season 2 update. The old-school control point flag, as seen in Warzone 1, will be replaced by the AI adversary.

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