A Fortnite glitch reveals the possibility of upcoming first-person mode gameplay

A Fortnite glitch reveals the possibility of upcoming first-person mode gameplay ...

A second-person mode for Fortnite has been heavily leaked, and a bug is giving players an idea of what the future mode will be like.

The 23.30 update for Fortnite's Chapter 4 Season 1 has arrived, bringing another Dragon Ball Super collaboration, new Reality Augments, and the Geralt of Rivia skin soon. According to leakers, it has also brought new files for the leaked first-person mode currently in development.

Epic Games is hoping to bring Fortnite to the FPS market by including a first-person mode following the huge success of Zero Build. A bug is showing off what Fortnite's upcoming first-person mode will be like when it comes.

We can see how the Scar looks in first-person mode thanks to Twitter user 'TwIInXD.' The player is in third-person until they aim, which looks the same as red dot sight weapons that have appeared in previous seasons, but it uses iron sights for aiming.

Shiina, a popular Fortnite leaker, claims it's "our first look at what First-Person will look like once it comes to the game later this year," and that while it's a bug, "the final product probably won't look that great."

The Machine SMG and Bow appear to have had their time, with iron sights capable of providing the precise shooting you would expect from a first-person shooter.

Fortnite's first-person mode is still unknown, but insiders anticipate it to be released this year.

Fortnite players are also waiting for the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, also known as 'Creative 2.0,' which is expected to add a Roblox-like community to Epic's ecosystem in March.

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