Fortnite's Dragon Ball Adventure Island Locations

Fortnite's Dragon Ball Adventure Island Locations ...

Players are being asked to track down four Dragon Balls in Adventure Island to earn a orange Piccolo spray as part of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super crossover. Here's where to find each Fortnite Dragon Ball in Adventure Island.

Epic have released a second part of their popular Dragon Ball Super crossover following the release of the Fortnite 23.30 update. Players now have the chance to obtain Gohan and Piccolo skins after the success of the event.

A new Quest for Dragon Ball Adventure Island has been introduced, allowing fans to obtain an Orange Piccolo spray.

Here's how to get Dragon Balls in Fortnite, including the location of each one on Adventure Island.

In Fortnite, how do I get to Dragon Ball Adventure Island?

The first step in completing this quest is to find Dragon Ball Adventure Island, which may be done by entering the code 5642-8525-5429 on the Island Code tab. Alternately, go to the 'Discover' tab and you'll find the Adventure Island map among the Creative modes.

Simply start the game as normal and you'll be taken to a custom-built Fortnite map featuring a number of iconic locations from the Dragon Ball universe.

Fortnite's How to Collect Dragon Balls

There are seven different Dragon Balls that may be collected once you have loaded into Adventure Island. However, you only need to find four in order to complete the Quest and secure the Orange Piccolo Spray.

You'll receive a message saying you should go to the Quest Board and begin hunting down each Dragon Ball. Ticking off each objective will reward you with one more Dragon Ball to add to your collection.

These mini-missions will take you all over the map, and you may get around quickly by using the Spaceship and keying in the desired destination.

Here's how to obtain each Dragon Ball on Adventure Island, and where to get it:

Dragon Ball NumberLocationHow to Unlock
1Resort AreaPick it up next to the Quest Board.
2Resort AreaUse the Radar on the bench to ping the location.
3Goku’s HouseCollect ingredients to craft three different fish for Goku.
4Room of Spirit and TimeReach the end of the time trial.
5Kami’s PalaceComplete the Nimbus Cloud time trial.
6Beerus PlanetUse the Kamehameha to destroy five rocks.
7Resort AreaFind the other six Dragon Balls

Everything you need to know about claiming each Dragon Ball on Adventure Island in Fortnite and unlocking the Orange Piccolo Spray is now available.

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