Fans of Warzone 2 are concerned that an annoying AI might ruin the Ashika Island map

Fans of Warzone 2 are concerned that an annoying AI might ruin the Ashika Island map ...

Ashika Island will be added to Warzone 2's history of maps, but players are concerned that it might be rubbed off.

The news was a long time coming, but not only is a Resurgence LTM coming to Warzone 2, but the game mode will return in the form of the fresh-faced Ashika Island area.

The developers' brand new map has been slowly unveiled via cryptic social media posts until a full explanation of the destination was revealed.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding Ashika Island, a tweet from the official Call of Duty account has been discovered that has already left a bitter taste in the mouth of many Warzone 2 fans.

By displaying a tweet describing Ashika Island and one of its POIs, SSyorimz alerted the entire Warzone subreddit to this detail.

Official account says: "Tsuki Castle - Ashika Island. Infiltrate quickly, past the tower's defenders, reach the hidden space."

"It looks like resurgence is bringing AI," SSYorimz said in response to the question about castle defenders. Many players also agreed with the sentiment, sharing their concerns in the replies.

"Can we stop with the annoying AI?" one frustrated player asked, and another added: "AI will ruin the resurgence."

AI has certainly been enraged by its use in both regular Warzone 2 and DMZ, and its inclusion in Resurgence might worsen the issue.

Ashika Island will be included in Warzone 2 on February 15, 2022, along with Season 2 content, so we'll have to see if AI is added, and if yes, how much influence they will have on the game flow.

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Activision has given credit for the image.