Players in Resident Evil 4 are split over the total elimination of QTEs in the remake

Players in Resident Evil 4 are split over the total elimination of QTEs in the remake ...

New information about the Resident Evil 4 remake has revealed that QTEs have been completely omitted from the game, and long-time fans are divided on the gameplay change.

Due to the legacy of the OG title, Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake isn't a brand new game in the same vein as Resident Evil Village or the rumored Resident Evil 9 project.

Resident Evil 4 paved the path for future third-person shooters and seamlessly merged the horror and action genres into one. One of the most prominent features that remained throughout was the addition of QTEs, also known as quick-time events.

QTEs are buttons that would appear during a cutscene that require the player to execute swiftly on the draw or smash certain buttons. Failure would typically result in the immediate death of a main character and force you to start over.

The prevalence of QTEs has drastically decreased in the last decade or so of gaming, but their complete elimination from the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake has received little reaction.

Game Informer informed us of these things, stating, among a slew of gameplay information, there would be: "No QTEs."

ProReborn, the game's content creator, was supportive of the move, saying, "Actually very impressed they removed QTEs. It was a component of game design for many years and it speaks to their commitment to modernize the game by eliminating such a outdated design philosophy."

Another user adds: "No QTE is always the correct call after 2010."

Not everyone was enthused by the news though, as one Twitter user believes that the legendary Krauser-vs. Leon knife fight has now been ruined: "No qte's?"

Unlike a tweet that received a ton of responses, one simply stated: "No QTE[s] is a big L..."

There is always going to be opposition from certain circles, and dedicated fans will have differing opinions.

When the Resident Evil 4 Remake is released on March 24, 2023, players will go on a terrifying journey.

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