After claiming to be the worst Call of Duty ever, Dr Disrespect has switched to PUBG

After claiming to be the worst Call of Duty ever, Dr Disrespect has switched to PUBG ...

As he loads up PUBG, Dr Disrespect rage rage resigns and calls Warzone 2 the "worst Call of Duty ever."

Dr Disrespect is no secret that he is a warzone 2 junkie, as the streamer has been ranting and raving about the game's state since its release.

Despite the fact that Apex Legends is superior to Call of Duty's battle royale, Dr Disrespect continues to return to Warzone 2 claiming that there isn't much else to play.

The Doc has been playing Call of Duty for many years and has even been involved in the development of several games, including Advanced Warfare. So, Dr Disrespect's opinions on Warzone 2 definitely have some weight.

After dying during a "skill-less" encounter with another player, the streamer clocked in around two hours of Solo Warzone 2 before deciding to quit. Warzone 2 is described as the "worst Call of Duty ever."

The clip starts at 2:27:44.

Dr Disrespect continued, claiming that the time spent during the stream "could go down as one of the most dismal Call of Duty experiences to date" for the streamer, preferring to quit Warzone 2 in favor of PUBG.

The fact that Dr Disrespect prefers to watch PUBG, which was released back in 2017, rather than Warzone 2, illustrates how he feels about Call of Duty's battle royale. Warzone 2 is supposed to be the next-generation battle royale experience, but instead, the Doc feels that the game is "not it."

Perhaps the Doc will return and try out the new tweaks, which will hopefully allow him to enjoy the experience more.

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