Credits for Overwatch 2 are returning, as explained

Credits for Overwatch 2 are returning, as explained ...

Blizzard is upgrading Overwatch 2's currency and economy by re-adding Credits to the hero shooter. Our detailed explanation will walk you through Overwatch 2 Credits, how they work, and how you may obtain them yourself.

As we enter Season 3, Overwatch 2 is going through some major changes, including the Ranked mode and significant changes that are expected to affect some of the game's main characters.

Though the credits have been announced, these aren't the only things on the way for Overwatch 2 Season 3.

Credits are a common item in the original Overwatch, but they've been absent from Overwatch 2 in some ways, but they've still been included in some ways — but more on that later.

What are Overwatch 2's Credits?

In Overwatch 1, credits were a currency that players could use to purchase a number of cosmetic items, including skins, emotes, voice lines, and other items.

Any remaining Credits might be transferred over to Overwatch 2 and would be dubbed as Legacy Credits, which are used on a few items in the new game.

How do I get Credits in Overwatch 2?

The creators have explained to the Overwatch 2 community how the reintroduction of credits will work: "All players may earn up to 1500 credits as free rewards, and another 500 credits as premium rewards throughout Season 3 Battle Pass."

Credits will work in conjunction with Overwatch Coins, the game's existing economy, but they will also give players more opportunities to earn rewards and additional content to unlock.

Will Overwatch 2 loot boxes be coming back?

No, loot boxes will continue to be a distant memory from Overwatch 2 from Blizzard, but there will be a vast amount of content to purchase from the Hero Gallery, including seasonal skins that are usually rare in their appearance.

Overwatch 2 is continuing to evolve and evolve into Blizzard's overarching multi-year strategy for the game. We have many more articles for you to view here:

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