Facility 3826 is explained in the Atomic Heart setting

Facility 3826 is explained in the Atomic Heart setting ...

Here's all you need to know about Facility 3826 for those who want to experience Mundfish's Atomic Heart in a different environment.

Atomic Heart is one of the most anticipated games of 2023, with a detailed open world and a secret history. Players are eager to learn more about the game and its fascinating setting as we approach release.

Atomic Heart isn't just interested in multiplayer or microtransactions, players are also interested in its unique setting.

In 1955, Atomic Heart takes place in a fictional version of the USSR, where an AI hivemind is rampant, and robots are rebelling against humans.

What is the name Facility 3826 in the Atomic Heart?

Facility 3826 at Atomic Heart is a top-secret military facility that has been designed to build robots and perform scientific experiments. It's located in the Kazakh highlands, where it extends like a "fungal network" both under and beneath the ground.

The facility includes many scientific complexes, laboratories, civilian infrastructure, "bizarre underground tunnels," and an Aero Train, which allows players to get around the facility in no time.

Dmitry Sechenov, a scientist, is the one who developed Polymer, a liquid substance that allows him to construct a neural network of artificial intelligence robots named "Collective."

Facility 3826 becomes a war zone in the battle between robots and humans after a "technological nightmare" thanks to the release of "Collective 2.0." Players will be exploring Facility 3826 as Major P-3, who was tasked with salvaging the neural network and facility by Dmitry Sechenov.

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