Is It Possible to Choose Your Hogwarts Patronus?

Is It Possible to Choose Your Hogwarts Patronus? ...

Patronus is one of the most popular Harry Potter spells. It not only repels evil Dementors, but it also serves as a chosen animal protector. Many players have chosen one of many Patronuses in their Harry Potter Fan Club, but now they are wondering if the same would be possible in Hogwarts Legacy.

In this article, we will discuss Patronus and what we can expect from Hogwarts Legacy.

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Will We Be Able to Pick Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy?

Although nothing has been confirmed about the availability of Patronuses in Hogwarts Legacy, we do have some information we can use. The game trailers and gameplay cutscenes have shown clear indicators that a Patronus spell will be present, but choosing your own is a challenge.

The first thing that made us want to see Patronus is the trailer for the Dementors game. As we all know the only way to combat these creatures is through an Expecto Patronum spell that summons your Patronus. The second thing that made us think about these magical animals appearing in Hogwarts Legacy is a sequence from one of the marketing videos where you can clearly see a professor summoning his Patronus.

Both of these reasons aren't proof, but we think they are strong indicators that Patronuses will be around. However, it is unlikely that you would be able to select from a large assortment of animals.

However, you will not be able to import your Patronus from your Harry Potter Fan Club. These are dozens and dozens of items, so it would be a real feat for developers to include all of them in the game. The Hogwarts Legacy is promising to be a rich and varied game enough that we can forgive them if there are only a few Patronuses to choose from.

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