In The Division 2, How to Unlock Lefty

In The Division 2, How to Unlock Lefty ...

Sometimes names are deceptive. Ideally, people and objects would have a name that accurately reflects their personality, abilities, and personality. Sometimes, things go all the way around, and you get a very powerful, chaos-inducing, menacing, and quite frankly, fearful shotgun named Lefty. Well, sounds like their creators really loved this guy. I hope it didn't get bullied in gun school.

How to Unlock Lefty

Lefty is a very powerful shotgun that was included in Title Update 16, on September 2022. It is a highly popular name weapon in the game, because of its ability, Perfect Sledgehammer. This ability means that, if you hit an enemy with Lefty, it will do 40% more damage to your armor and will have a -10% debuff in movement speed.

If you want to unlock Lefty in Season 10, you will need to progress and level up to level 80. Play The Summit and Countdown to grind experience points. However, there is a possibility that you will get Lefty earlier by opening other caches in Season 10.

How to Unlock the Kingbreaker in The Division 2

Once Season 10 is over, you may get Lefty as a very random drop, or you may still be able to get it by opening Legacy Season and Named Item Caches as rewards for your season progression. I hope you will get it as soon as possible, and you don't have to commit to a long time.

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