Roblox Pixel Piece: How to Get Fruit

Roblox Pixel Piece: How to Get Fruit ...

Every Devil Fruit in One Piece has its own "soul," incarnating in a nearby piece of regular fruit whenever its previous owner dies. This is why Fruits are so popular, and that's why they are so sought after. Fortunately, in Roblox Pixel Piece, it's a much simpler, more accommodating process.

Roblox Pixel Piece: How to Get Fruit

Pixel Fruits are one of the most powerful and useful abilities your character can have in Pixel Piece. Though they will no longer swim, your character will gain access to these abilities.

Roblox Pixel Piece Codes

Pixel Fruits are spawned under a random tree somewhere in the game world every 60 minutes, so you can just pick it up and eat it. Of course, the odds of this being true are fairly low.

The other, much more reliable way to get a Fruit is to purchase one from the Fruit Dealer. Central Port is located southwest of Orange Town. You may set sail from Orange Town and travel southwest until you reach Central Port. On this island, take a big wooden staircase and look for a door underneath it.

The Fruit Dealer has a randomized selection of five Fruits, which you may purchase with either Beli or Robux. Just return in an hour when the stock refreshes. Besides, Central Port has a Fruit Remover NPC, who will wipe you clean for a nominal fee.

Fruit abilities have enabled many of the world's most powerful pirates to reach fame, and you may too! Simply save some funds, and power may be yours!

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