Roblox Pixel Piece Has All Sword Styles

Roblox Pixel Piece Has All Sword Styles ...

Roblox Pixel Piece is packed with many of One Piece's greatest combatants who have Devil Fruit powers, but others have reached their potential with only their own strength and a solid sword. The right cutting implement, when wielded by a skilled hand, can be just as deadly as a guy who can shoot fire out of his hands.

Roblox Pixel Piece includes all Sword Styles.

Many of these weapons, similar to Pixel Fruits, have unique abilities and attack abilities, yet, unlike with Fruits, you may carry and swap them out whenever you like.

Roblox Pixel Piece Codes

Individual weapons have their own movesets, while some of them may be enhanced with dedicated sword styles. The weapons themselves are acquired by either buying them from stores or defeating certain bosses, while dedicated styles are learned by trainer NPCs.

Here's a list of currently available sword weapons:

  • Classic Katana: Purchased for 50 Beli on the starter island
  • Classic Cutlass: Purchased for 150 Beli at Shells Town
  • Katana: Purchased for 400 Beli at Shells Town
  • Shark Sword: Can be purchased for 500 Beli at Shark Park, also drops from defeated Sword Arling Pirates
  • Axe Hand: Dropped after defeating Norgan, includes spinning and smashing attacks
  • Cutlass Kaba: Dropped after defeating Kabaji, includes a dashing slice attack
  • Nuro Claws: Dropped after defeating Nuro Pirate
  • Charlie Cutlass: Drops from defeated Puggy Clowns

Next, here's a list of dedicated sword styles and the weapons compatible with them:

  • Phoenix Style: Obtained by training with the 1 Sword Style Trainer in Syrup Village. Compatible with Classic Katana, Classic Cutlass, Katana, and Shark Sword. Includes multiple AoE and ranged attacks.

Whether you use a sword on its own or in conjunction with other abilities, it's up to your skill to determine whether or not you succeed. As Zoro once said, the only thing that matters in a fight is who is stronger.

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