In Age of Empires 2, what do Relics do? Explained

In Age of Empires 2, what do Relics do? Explained ...

The Relics are a relatively new element of Age of Empires 2. They have evolved throughout the series in how they operate and how to collect them. It is now time to rephrase this age-old question once more. In Age of Empires 2, please continue reading to find out.

In Age of Empires 2, what do Relics do?

Relics are golden trophy-like objects that you may see while exploring the world. They will remain visible for you afterward. Usually there are five that appear at the start of a match, or even ten in some scenarios. These are items that must only be carried by Monks. You must first be at the Castle Age, build a Monastery, and have him return to the Relic location. Your enemy might also be looking out for them.

In Age of Empires 2, how do the Relics perform? You'll be surprised by how fast you can get a gold income for every Relic stored in your Monastery. Furthermore, if you can collect all five relics in the map, a 200-year countdown will begin, and, when it finishes, you will win the match.

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If you want more gold or the chance to win a match, you should send your Monks to collect those relics. There is no side effect, so there is no reason to stop collecting them. I hope you will find them without any difficulties.

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