Buffs in Roblox's Best Pixel Piece Races

Buffs in Roblox's Best Pixel Piece Races ...

If you are a Roblox user who is also a big fan of the anime One Piece, there's a good chance that you've encountered the Pixel Piece game before, and you've enjoyed the open-world gameplay and challenges that come with entering the game for the first time. You can explore a vast world inspired by the hit anime series it's based on. One of the many features of Pixel Piece is the ability to play various races.

Human, Skypian, Fishman, Mink, and Oni are five races that are currently playing in the game. Each race comes with a set of abilities that may help you throughout your time in the game. These abilities may even give you an advantage over other players when you want to PVP.

Here is a list of current races, based on their buffs and abilities. We'll also be considering future abilities that each race will get soon, as they may be used later in the game.

Race Buffs: Roblox's Best Pixel Piece Races Tier List

When you first start out as a player in the game, the Human race is what you'll see initially. It's not the most crazy or powerful race by any means, but a useful starting point for anyone just starting out in the game. When you go to the customization menu, you'll notice that the Human race is also the most popular, with a 90% earning.

The upgrade currently includes a x 3 Stamina Regeneration Boost and a x 2 Health Regeneration Boost. The ability to evolve into a cyborg is a new feature that will be added to this race.

Although the idea of becoming a cyborg gives this race scope for advancement, there's still a reason that Human is a common race to be around. When it comes to combat and other abilities, there may be a bit more to the Human race than what it is.

When you acquire the Fishman race, your character will begin with a large fin on their back. The majority of the Fishmen's rewards revolve around water-based combat.

The Fishmen are currently receiving two huge bonuses, one of which is coming in the near future. Currently, they are given an increase in swimming speed as well as a 3x EXP gain booster. There are plans to add "Fisherman Karate" as a further bonus, though this hasn't yet been implemented.

The Fishman race is pretty straightforward for what you can get out of it, but if you're doing quests that take place on land, then the only real benefit you're getting from it is the EXP booster — which isn't the worst, but doesn't hurt either.

The next race on this tier list is none other than the Skypian race. With two wings on your back, your Roblox character will be well-equipped for a more stamina-based build, although less than Oni and Mink.

The Skypian's also gain the ability to ascend steep heights, and a boost in stamina. All of these bonuses are currently available in the game, so if you roll the Skypian race, you'll have a decent set of boosts.

Although the Skypian race may not be as powerful as Oni, you shouldn't be surprised if a pair of wings sprouts on your character's back in the game. This race may be used for a variety of purposes, particularly if you encounter any difficulties high in the air.

One of the rarest races you can roll for in One Pixel is the Mink race, which has a 5% drop rate, although generally, keep an eye on a poofy rabbit or cat tail.

The Mink race will give you a +100 boost in stamina and a x 2 boost in physical strength. Another buff is coming to the Mink, possibly related to storm or lightning based PVP.

The Mink race has a lot to desire, even without the future buff. The stamina boost is massive, and might be a real life save if you have to get yourself out of a tricky situation quickly. The strength boost is also a huge plus, considering most of the game is combat-based.

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The Oni is the rarest race in the game, and for a good reason. You may roll 10, 30, and fail to receive it, but when you finally receive it, and notice horns spring on your Roblox character, you'll realize the effort was worthwhile.

The Oni gets a x3 boost in Physical Strength, a x2 boost in Damage Resistance, a x4 Haki EXP Gain, and +100 Health. Additionally, a possibility to evolve into an Elder Oni is in the works, and this will only add to the lengthy list of buffs.

The main reason why the Oni is the best race in the game is pretty self-explanatory. The only drawback to the Oni is how difficult it may be to get it – even if you see people getting very lucky and pulling the race their first roll, you may find yourself spending days trying to get the Oni yourself.

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